Local Dirt is a public affairs radio show on KDVS 90.3FM in Davis, California, focusing on environmental, health, social justice and agriculture-related issues in the local and national community.

Local Dirt began as project of Students for Sustainable Agriculture, and also a part of the Buy Fresh, Buy Local campaign for the Community Alliance with Family Farms. Local Dirt's inaugural year was in 2005 with Temra Costa and Navina Khanna hosting. Past show co-hosts include Luis Sierra, Christie McCullen, Dori Stone, Alida Cantor, Rory ODwyer, Tianna DuPont, Natalie Yahr and Victor Duraj as an engineer/recorder. Current co-hosts are Neda Yousefian, Jeremy Raff, Anna Ruth Crittenden and Dani Lee.

Local Dirt airs live on KDVS 90.3FM from 5-6pm PST on Mondays. You can stream us live by visiting the KDVS website and clicking on 'listen now.'

About KDVS...
KDVS is freeform radio at its best, airing live from the University of California, Davis campus. The station is completely student run. To this day, KDVS continues its original mission: to provide the university with a laboratory for learning broadcast, production and managerial skills, and to provide its listening audience with diverse, challenging, noncommercial, freeform radio. Check out more about KDVS, visit their history page.

About the Hosts... 

Anna Ruth. Born and raised in San Rafael, Anna-Ruth Crittenden is a 2nd year undergraduate at UC Davis studying Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning. Current resident of Pierce Coop (of the tri-coop community on campus), current WERC (Whole Earth Reusables Cooperative) co-director for the Whole Earth Festival, and current garden coordinator for the tri-coop gardens. Anna-Ruth thrives in a temperate climate, needs regular hydration, and regularly performs scientific experiments throughout the academic and nonacademic year.

Dani Lee. Born and raised in Reedley, CA, Dani came to Davis to study nutrition, food systems and life. She is a 2008 UC Davis alumni with a B.S. in Clinical Nutrition. While a student at UC Davis, Dani was involved in Students for Sustainable Agriculture and co-founded the Davis Vegetarian Society. Dani currently works for UC Davis Dining Services as the Sustainability Manager. She enjoys riding her bike, Felipe, cooking great vegan food, baking, foraging for wild mushrooms in the misty hills of the bay area, running and hanging out in her garden.

Jeremy Raff. A McAllen, Texas native, Jeremy is a class of 2012 undergraduate in Community and Regional Development. He's interned at Urban Harvest, a Houston based non-profit working toward sustainable urban agriculture, and is a photographer for the California Aggie. Jeremy spends as much time as possible rollerblading.

Natalie Yahr. Born and raised in Irvine, CA, Natalie came to Davis to study. She graduated in 2010 with her B.S. in Ethics & Economics, with a minor in American Studies. Natalie started working on Local Dirt in 2008 and has loved radio ever since. After graduating, Natalie traveled to New Orleans, LA where she tutored kids as an AmeriCorps worker. She returned to Davis the summer of 2011 to continue her work with Local Dirt and to hang out with a Great Dane and her lovely Davis friends.

Neda Yousefian
. Neda came to Davis in 2009 to pursue her graduate studies in the International Agricultural Development program. She earned her bachelor's degree in Anthropology and African Studies from Howard University. She pursued her loves of farming and travel by joining the Peace Corps and served as an agroforestry volunteer in Mauritania from 2006 to 2008. Neda loves camping and always makes time for good coffee.