Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mushrooms with Back to the Roots, Dining Out Parody, Self Help Enterprises and The Busy Trap

Alejandro Zelez and Nikhil Arora
Mushrooms with Back to the Roots
Nikhil Arora from Bach to the Roots, makers of the home-mushroom growing kit, joins Local Dirt to discuss the business he and college friend, Alejandro Velez, founded after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2009.

Inspired by a class lecture, Nikhil and Alejandro began growing mushrooms in Alejandro's fraternity house off of used coffee grounds from Peet's Coffee during their final semester at UC Berkeley. Since then, Nikhil and Alejandro have grown a successful, innovative business that encourages people across the nation to become more connected to their food by growing it themselves with the Back to the Roots home mushroom growing kits.

Learn more about Back to the Roots - check out their website and Facebook!

"I will be your server"
Bob Marshall and wife
By Joel Stein
Jeremy and Dani act out the recent New Yorker piece by Bill Stein parodying the latests and greatest in the trendy restaurant world. Enjoy! Check out the written piece at the New Yorker online!

Self Help Enterprises with Jeremy Raff and Bob Marshall
Former Local Dirt Radio co-host, Jeremy Raff, introduces his recent audio piece from RCAC's Origins series featuring Bob Marshall. Marshall talks about World War II, Quakers, working through the turmoil of a sudden death and self-help housing today.

Check out the photo slide show that accompanies the audio here:

Bob Marshall: Self-Help Enterprises from Jeremy Raff on Vimeo.

The Busy Trap
By Tim Kreider
Dani reads an excerpt of 'The Busy Trap' a recent opinion piece int he New York Times by Tim Kreider and chats with Jeremy and Becky about what being 'busy' means for the average college student.

This show features music from Patrick Watson and Iron &Wine.

Missed the show? Check it out here!
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Monday, July 2, 2012

Occupy the Farm: The Gill Tract in Albany, CA

Today's show covers the Gill Tract in Albany, where the Occupy movement took a new step: toward farmland. The occupation of the farmland is described as a reclaiming of the land for the betterment of the community. however, the occupation quickly came under police pressure, until a raid finally occurred, and many of the plants were destroyed. speak with activists from the tract to discuss its significance.

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