Monday, February 27, 2012

Angela Davis Debrief

Angela Davis, former black panther, UC professor and prominent black activist in the Civil Rights era of the 1960s, spoke at the ARC pavillion last Thursday. In today's show we continue the discussion she helped start by hearing from Natalia Deeb Sossa from the Chicano/a Studies department, Sunaina maira from middle Eastern and South Asian Studies, and Bruce Haynes from Sociology.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A piece on chocolate and The experience of Austin Smith on WWOOFing in Nepal

On the show today we played a talk by Alexandra Saunders that she gave at the event Chocolate held at the Mondavi Center on Feb 4. Alexandra is the CEO of Nuubia Chocolate and she is trying to raise awareness about the environmental impacts of palm oil plantations and how this issue relates to chocolate. While the talk was titled The Precious Cacao and Sustainability the main issue discussed here was the loss of rainforest for palm oil plantations and the encroachment on orangutan habitats. Take home message: read the label and buy chocolate that uses cocoa butter, not palm oil.

The second half of the show we heard about Austin Smith's adventures in Nepal as a WWOOFer. To learn more about WWOOF check out their website:

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Last Crop Film, One Farm at a Time and Day at the FARM 2.6

The Last Crop Film and One Farm at a Time Project.
Film maker, Chuck Schultz, from BluePrint Productions and local farmer, Annie Main, from Good Humus Produce join us to talk about Chuck's new film, The Last Crop, which delves into the nation-wide issue of an aging farmer population, farm succession and transition. Farmers Jeff and Annie Main have been working for over 10 years to ensure their land will continue to be farmed and managed organically after they retire.

Annie also talks about the latest initiative in their saga to preserve their farmland with the One Farm at a Time project. One Farm at a Time gives community members the opportunity to invest in the future of the farms and farmers that provide their food. Jeff and Annie's farm, Good Humus Produce, located in Capay, CA, is the first family farm the project aims to preserve.

The Agricultural Sustainability Institute will be hosting a free public screening of The Last Crop film, still a work in progress, followed by a panel presentation on Thursday, February 9th from 6:30-8:30pm in 1322 Storer Hall at UC Davis. Light snacks will be catered by the Davis Food Co-op. View a trailer of the film here!

A Day at the FARM 2.6.
Anna Ruth reports from the FARM 2.6 Day at the FARM event that happened this past Saturday. FARM is an alternative form of non-violent protest, reclaiming public space to build community, providing services for under served and transient populations and/or rehabilitating toxic land.

FARM hosted several workshops, including compost building, orchard irrigation, fruit tree planting, fiber and dye garden planting, beekeeping and more! To learn more about FARM and FARM 2.6, visit the FARM website!

  • Students for Sustainable Agriculture is hosting a Seed Swap, February 14th at the Student Community Center
  • Visit The Pantry at UC Davis, located in Lower Freeborn, for free stuff for UC Davis Students!
This week's show featured music from the West Nile Ramblers and Conor Oberst.

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