Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sparrows and Circuit Boards

On Monday, August 30th, Local Dirt features two guests. First, we discuss sparrows and migratory behavior. Second is electronics 101: the simplicity and complexity of the technology in our lives.

The first half of the show features a conversation with Zoltan Nemeth, a Post-Doc at UC Davis working with migratory birds, investigating the role of hormones and the endocrine system in the white-crowned sparrow. Nemeth's work tracks the inter-continental flight path of the birds, as well as the stresses that the birds encounter, as their habitat is destroyed, their food supply is restricted by urbanization, and chemicals in the form of pesticides accumulate in the species' bodies, reducing their population.

The second half of the show features Steve, a Davis community member who is an electronics whiz, to say the least. He is an electrical engineer who, in this half hour, discusses he role of electronics in our lives, the value of the basic knowledge of how to build electronics, as well as using available knowledge and imagination to design and build, well, anything you might imagine.

To listen to the show about sparrows and circuit boards, listen here!


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