Monday, June 4, 2012

Edible Landscaping with Rosalind Creasy and the UC Davis Sustainability Summit

Rosalind Creasy is the award-winning author of Edible Landscaping. She is a landscape designer who took the field in a more delicious, sustainable and ecological direction by landscaping with edible vegetables, fruit trees and flowers. She talked with us about the historical significance of ornamental gardens and how she was inspired to mix edible plants with ornamentals from her international travels. She also shared some tips on how to transform a yard into a more beautiful edible garden and the benefits that come from having such diversity. Check out her website to learn more about edible landscaping and to see some beautiful photos of such gardens:

In the first half of the show we played excerpts from the UC Davis Sustainability Summit. This summit was held to celebrate the sustainable innovations that have taken place on campus and to recognize the efforts of forward-thinking students, faculty and staff at UC Davis. Talks by Tim McNeil of the Design Museum and Carol Shu of the Aggie ReStore were played on air. To get more info about the Aggie ReStore visit their website:

Missed the show? Listen to it here!


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