Monday, May 7, 2012

Davis Bicycles!, Red Bike and Green and bike/transportation safety

Leo Rainer came to the studio and talked about the work that Davis Bicycles! does in Davis to advocate for better transportation policies. Davis Bicycles! is a citizen advocacy group that is made up of volunteers who strive to promote biking by working with the local government. They also put on events throughout the year, like a film festival and a bike loopalooza, to celebrate bike riding. To find out more or to get involved go to their website:

Russell Neches also came by the studio to talk with us about bike safety and his personal passion for improving safety in our community. He created a crash map to document the occurrence and details of bike accidents in Davis to see how things could be improved. He is currently a graduate student and serves on the Davis Safety and Parking Advisory Commission.

Our third guest on the show was Jenna Burton, the founder of Red Bike and Green. Taken from their website: Red, Bike and Green is a community-building collective of Black urban cyclists seeking to improve the physical and mental health, economy and local environment of African Americans by creating a relevant and sustainable Black bike culture.  Jenna shared with us how RBG started with just a few friends and now has chapters opening in Chicago and Atlanta. Check out their website for more info: 

You can listen to the show by clicking here, or right-click to download it to your computer. 


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