Thursday, February 16, 2012

A piece on chocolate and The experience of Austin Smith on WWOOFing in Nepal

On the show today we played a talk by Alexandra Saunders that she gave at the event Chocolate held at the Mondavi Center on Feb 4. Alexandra is the CEO of Nuubia Chocolate and she is trying to raise awareness about the environmental impacts of palm oil plantations and how this issue relates to chocolate. While the talk was titled The Precious Cacao and Sustainability the main issue discussed here was the loss of rainforest for palm oil plantations and the encroachment on orangutan habitats. Take home message: read the label and buy chocolate that uses cocoa butter, not palm oil.

The second half of the show we heard about Austin Smith's adventures in Nepal as a WWOOFer. To learn more about WWOOF check out their website:

Missed the show? No worries, you can listen to it by clicking HERE!
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  2. I know I still have a chocolate bar in one of my kitchen cabinets, and it says "palm oil." Never again. That will be the last palm-oiled chocolate that will ever enter my house.

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