Monday, January 23, 2012

Sustainable Food and Farming Conference, Joel Salatin, Labeling Genetically Modified Organisms

Today on the show we listened to coverage from the Sustainable Food and Farming Conference that happened this past weekend in Nevada county. Anna Ruth recorded talks by Michael Ableman and Joel Salatin. She also talked with David Edwards who is part of a grassroots coalition to require that foods containing GMO ingredients be labeled. To learn more about this campaign:

We also discussed GMOs and the recent decision by BASF, a German chemical company, to stop selling GM Amflora potatoes in Europe. The company cited widespread consumer opposition to their genetically modified products and has decided to focus their operations and sales in America and Asia. The only biotech crop now grown in Europe is a Monsanto corn variety.

Songs we played:
Dar Williams- As Cool As I Am
Woollen Kits- Out of Whack
P.F. Commando- Allt Ok
The Champs- Tequila

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  1. GMO products should have no market, even in America and Asia. We should all unite and do our part in environmental services and the fight for sustainable food sources.