Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Solar Community Housing Association and Studying Sustainable Agriculture at UC Davis

Solar Community Housing Association.
Founded by a group of alumni from the cooperative housing program at UC Davis, the Solar Community Housing Association (SCHA) is a Davis, CA based non-profit that encourages and creates community and respect for environment through affordable, cooperative housing. Ben Pearl, Project Manager for the SCHA, talks about the latest projects that SCHA is supporting in the community, including the new cooperative located at J St and 3rd. To learn more about the SCHA, visit http://schadavis.org/. Photo courtesy of the SCHA.

Studying Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems at UC Davis.
Want to get your hands dirty? Learn how to drive a tractor? Understand the impact agriculture policy has on food access and health? Support non-profits in agriculture? Then the new Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (SAFS) major is for you! Joanna Normoyle, recent UC Davis graduate and Internship Coordinator and Undergraduate Advisor for the SAFS program, chat about the launch of the new major and how it was developed. Joanna also talks about the Agricultural Sustainability Institute and the Student Farm at UC Davis. To lean more about the ASI, the Student Farm or the new SAFS major, visit http://asi.ucdavis.edu/. Photo courtesy of the University of California.

Tonight's show featured music from...
- Kate Wolf, Across The Great Divide
- Laura Gibson, Shadows on Parade
- The Devil Makes Three, All Hail
- John Gorka, Shadows in the Fields

To listen to this week's show, visit this show link. Enjoy!
You can also download the audio file by right clicking on the link and saving it to your hard drive!


  1. I am really looking forward to seeing solar power homes. I think they will be a major part of the sustainable green new homes for the future.

  2. The project sounds great! I hope luxury home builders go green, too.

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