Monday, May 23, 2011

Student Run Food CoOp and the Trellis Fund

Flatland Food Collective at UC Davis - Student Run Food CoOp. Sparked by an interest in more sustainable food options on the UC Davis campus, UC Davis students Kase Wheatley and Anna Ruth Crittenden joined teams with the national Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive to launch a cooperatively- and student-run cafe on campus! Jeremy Raff chats with Anna Ruth and Kase about their work with CoFed and students at UC Davis to begin the discussion around food, cooperatives and how to marry the two into a retail operation on campus: the Flatland Food Collective. Image courtesy of the Flatland Food Collective at UC Davis.

The Trellis Fund. Named after grape trellises because it provides a support framework for local initiatives to grow and become fruitful, The Trellis Fund was developed by UC Davis graduate students and brothers Peter and Tommy Shapland. Neda Yousefian chats with Peter, Tommy and Juliet Braslow, a UC Davis graduate student studying Horticulture and Agronomy and International Agriculture Development program, about the development of the Trellis Fund and some of the projects that have fruited from the funds networking structure and grant program. The Trellis Fund aims to link horticultural graduate students in the U.S. to agricultural NGOs/universities/government agencies in developing countries. Image courtesy of the Trellis Fund at UC Davis.

Rally to Save the Domes - UC Davis Domes residents are organizing a rally in support of their housing community! The rally will be held in the Memorial Union on Wednesday, May 25th 2011 from 2 to 5 p.m. To lean more about the UC Davis Domes community, visit Image courtesy of the Baggins End Community at UC Davis.

Tonight's show features music from...
- Tow by The Devil Makes Three
- Mister Freedom by Mother Earth, Tree People
- De Noile, Na Cama by Doris Monteiro
- Hands in Pockets by Joanna Newsom

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