Monday, May 16, 2011

Living Off the Grid wih Kara Sweeney and Peace Corps in Mexico

Living Off the Grid
Kara "Hrubs" Sweeney is a first year undergraduate in Biological and Environmental Engineering. She lived in an intentional community in northern Idaho 30 miles from the Canadian border completely off the grid. After apprenticing with Becky Kemery, author of Yurts: Living in the Round, Kara became inspired to build her own yurt out of pallets, which would otherwise not go to any use. Her next big project is a mobile house! Image courtesy Kara Sweeney.

Peace Corps: Mexico
Daniel Evans, a UC Davis alumni and the Peace Corps country director for Mexico, came on to the show and talked with Neda and Jeremy about the work that Peace Corps volunteers do around the world. Daniel served as a volunteer in the Dominican Republic and then came to UC Davis to study in the International Agricultural Development and Ecology programs. He went on to work in international development for 30 years. Speaking about opportunities in the Peace Corps, Daniel was especially excited about the Master's International program where students can attend graduate school and serve in the Peace Corps simultaneously. In response to some of the criticism of the Peace Corps with regard to volunteers being part of American foreign policy Evans said that the Peace Corps is independent of the State Department and each volunteer shares their own experiences with their host community and so is a representative of America but not in any formal way. To learn more about the Peace Corps or the Master's International program visit the websites: or Image courtesy Peace Corps.

Today's show featured music from Afro-Cuban All Stars, Compay Segundo, and the compilation 24 Anos De Musica Y Cultura! 1976-2000!


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