Monday, September 6, 2010

How Are You Doing?

(This is the fourth -- and last for now -- installment of Small Closet Radio.)

Meet the question.
On today's show, we look closely at the question, "How are you doing?" -- perhaps learning more than we ever wanted to know.
Make the question yours.
How some folks use the question to do things that matter them, whether or not they matter to anyone else.
Hate the question.
Sometimes, this question and questions like it just drive us crazy. We talk about why.
Avoid the question. You've probably dodged it once or twice. Stories of folks doing just that.
Make peace. The question might not always do what we think it does or want it to, but it might do something really important anyway. One idea on what that might be.

The voices:
Kevin Boise, David Breaux, Valentina Cekovski, Sara Kosoff, Gabi LeBlanc, Amy Lee, Elena Rossman, Roxanne Sarraille, and Pauline Yahr. Today's show was co-produced by Amy Lee.

Listen. Use the player below to hear the show, or click "divShare" to get the mp3.

Music Playlist:
"Smoothie Song" Nickelcreek (This Side on Sugar Hill)
"Spit On A Stranger" Nickelcreek (This Side on Sugar Hill)