Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Farmwork Freedom March, Real Food Week and School Lunch

Farmworker Freedom March. From April 16th through 18th, the Coalition of Immakolee Workers (CIW) came together with members of the farmworker community, student activists from the Student-Farmworker Alliance and Florida community members to rally against Publix, a large American grocery market chain. They marched 25 miles from Tampa to Lakeland, Florida to the Publix corporate headquarters. Janaki Jagannath and Liz Fitzgerald were among five UCD at the Farmworker Freedom March and they joined us on Local Dirt to discuss the experience.

Real Food Week. Kase Wheatley and Sarah Stockdale from Students for Sustainable Agriculture presented SSA's Real Food Week, which is occurring May 3rd-8th at the UC Davis campus. Two events each day are happening throughout the week, with gardening activities each day. The week is intended to build community and awareness around food and agriculture in the campus and local community. On Monday, May 3rd, SSA will be screening the film, DIRT. Check out the Facebook event here.

Behavioral Economics and School Lunch. How can we change the way students eat in the dining rooms and cafeterias across the nation? Jeremy and Dani talk about researchers Brian Wansink and David R. Just suggesting using behavioral economics, things like making students pay for dessert, to encourage students to choose healthier options in their school lunch programs. Wansink and Just propose simple, cost-free changes that can be made in the cafeteria that can promote positive behavior change. Check out the article, featured in Choices Magazine, here. Smarter Lunch Rooms: Using Behavioral Economics to Improve Meal Selection, by David R. Just and Brian Wansink.

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- This coming week (May 3-9) is International Compost Awareness Week! Stay tuned for related events.

Music Playlist.
"American Rivers" by Tom Russell (Blood and Candle Smoke on Shout! Factory)
"In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree" by The West Nile Ramblers (Honkabilly Western Garage, self-released)
"Gulf Coast Highway" performed by Red Molly, written by Nanci Griffith, Danny Flowers, and James Hooker (James, self-released)

Monday, April 19, 2010


KDVS, the happy home of Local Dirt for five years, has just begun its one fundraiser week of the year! I know, fundraising time is usually the least fun time to tune in to public radio, the fundraiser helps keep us on the air, and we promise to make the fundraiser shows as fun as possible! At KDVS, we're actually quite proud of our fundraiser: it's unusual short, it's only once a year, we routinely reach our goal, and we give away fun gifts to those who donate. So as Dani and I prepare to answer the phones night and day, we hope you'll consider contributing any amount you can afford. You can donate online at https://fundraiser.kdvs.org/ or call 877.399.5387 or 530.754.5387.

As they say, operators are standing by.

April 30, 2010: The fundraiser has passed, but you can donate to KDVS anytime you like. If you'd like to hear our 2010 fundraiser show, co-hosted by our former KDVS neighbor Mick Mucus and with guest appearances from former Local Dirt hosts Temra Costa and Tianna Dupont, listen here!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Coal Corruption and Zero Waste

Coal Corporations. Last week's Upper Big Branch mine disaster reminded America of the dangers of underground mining, but a closer look reveals that coal corporations make coal mining more dangerous than necessary. Lorelei Scarbro is a lifelong resident of West Virginia's Coal River Valley and a community organizer for Coal River Mountain Watch. She also works for the Coal River Wind Project, which aims to preserve mountains, reduce global warming, and improve life in coal communities by building a wind farm on Coal River Mountain. Back in November, I spoke to Lorelei after Massey Energy began blasting on that mountain, reducing the wind energy potential. On this week's show, we talk about the control of coal corporations on life and politics in Appalachian states. For news updates since this interview, check out Democracy Now!. (Photo credit: Ken Ward Jr.)

Zero My Waste. Michael Siminitus, recent UC Davis graduate and founder of Waste Busters, talks about his past work with the UC Davis campus to reach the waste diversion goals set by the University of California - zero-waste by 2020. Since graduating, Michael has turned his passion into a full-fledged business that helps event planners and businesses implement zero-waste plans. Recently, Michael has worked with the Davis Farmers Market to implement a zero-waste program for Picnic in the Park, diverting most of the organic waste to a local composting entity. To find out more about Waste Busters, visit the Zero My Waste website.

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-The CSSC Convergence will take place at UCSD April 30-May 2. To register, visit this website.
-The film No Impact Man will screen in Davis on Tuesday April 20th, 6:30-8:30pm. Tickets are free, but must be reserved in advance. For more info....

Music Playlist.
"Come All You Coal Miners" by Sarah Ogun Gunning (Harlan County USA: songs of the coal miner's struggle on Rounder)
"Behind The Barricades" by David Rovics (Behind The Barricades: The Best of David Rovics on Daemon Records)
"You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive" by Darrell Scott, performed by Red Molly (James on Red Molly)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fandango for Farmworkers & Documentary on Dumpster Diving

Fandango. A sound collage from an evening of Son Jarocho music and information about the struggles and successes of tomato harvesters in Immokalee, Florida. Liz Fitzgerald, a member of the Student Farmworker Alliance, and Semilla band members Carmen, Manuel, and Pedro discuss farm labor conditions, student power, the upcoming Farmworker Freedom March, and how Son Jarocha music has been used as a flexible means of resistance. Since the fandango, Immokalee tomato harvesters have won another victory: the major food service provider Aramark joined their Campaign for Fair Food. Sodexo, which serves the UC Davis campus, is now the largest food service provider to not join the campaign. On Thursday, the ASUCD Senate will consider a bill allocating funds for five UCD students to attend the Farmworker Freedom March. If you'd like to support the bill, come to the meeting (6:10pm, in the Mee Room, Memorial Union 3rd floor). (Image courtesy of Liz Fitzgerald)

DIVE! Ever wonder what it would be like to eat food from a dumpster? In the film, DIVE!, film-maker Jeremy Seifert documents his life of diving for food in grocery store dumpsters. The film delves into issues around American consumption patterns and the enormous amount of food wasted each year in the US. On this episode of Local Dirt, Jeremy joins us to disucss the making of the film, his thoughts on food waste, and some ways to save food from being tossed into waste bins. DIVE! Living Off America's Waste will be screened on Wednesday April 7th, 2010 at 5:10pm in Chem 179.

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- Really Really Free Market: This Sunday noon-sundown in Davis's Central Park. No money, bartering, or trading. Bring anything you'd like to give away. If weather is bad, postponed to next Sunday.
- Project Compost meetings: Mondays, 6pm @ MU 43 (in the Memorial Union basement). Show up if you'd like to help divert organic waste on campus!

Music Playlist.
"We're Marching On To Freedom Land" performed by Carlton Reese (Voices of the Civil Rights Movement: Black American Freedom Songs 1960-1966 on Folkways)
"When Doves Cry" performed by The Be Good Tanyas (Hello Love on Nettwerk)