Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Farmwork Freedom March, Real Food Week and School Lunch

Farmworker Freedom March. From April 16th through 18th, the Coalition of Immakolee Workers (CIW) came together with members of the farmworker community, student activists from the Student-Farmworker Alliance and Florida community members to rally against Publix, a large American grocery market chain. They marched 25 miles from Tampa to Lakeland, Florida to the Publix corporate headquarters. Janaki Jagannath and Liz Fitzgerald were among five UCD at the Farmworker Freedom March and they joined us on Local Dirt to discuss the experience.

Real Food Week. Kase Wheatley and Sarah Stockdale from Students for Sustainable Agriculture presented SSA's Real Food Week, which is occurring May 3rd-8th at the UC Davis campus. Two events each day are happening throughout the week, with gardening activities each day. The week is intended to build community and awareness around food and agriculture in the campus and local community. On Monday, May 3rd, SSA will be screening the film, DIRT. Check out the Facebook event here.

Behavioral Economics and School Lunch. How can we change the way students eat in the dining rooms and cafeterias across the nation? Jeremy and Dani talk about researchers Brian Wansink and David R. Just suggesting using behavioral economics, things like making students pay for dessert, to encourage students to choose healthier options in their school lunch programs. Wansink and Just propose simple, cost-free changes that can be made in the cafeteria that can promote positive behavior change. Check out the article, featured in Choices Magazine, here. Smarter Lunch Rooms: Using Behavioral Economics to Improve Meal Selection, by David R. Just and Brian Wansink.

Listen. Use the mp3 player below to hear the show, or click "divShare" to download the mp3.

- This coming week (May 3-9) is International Compost Awareness Week! Stay tuned for related events.

Music Playlist.
"American Rivers" by Tom Russell (Blood and Candle Smoke on Shout! Factory)
"In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree" by The West Nile Ramblers (Honkabilly Western Garage, self-released)
"Gulf Coast Highway" performed by Red Molly, written by Nanci Griffith, Danny Flowers, and James Hooker (James, self-released)

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