Sunday, December 27, 2009

Appropriate Technology

Natalie and Dani are enjoying their winter break, so this week's show is pulled together from our archives. Enjoy!

Whole Earth Festival and Appropriate Technology. Bryan Jungers, appropriate technology director for the 2008 Whole Earth Festival (WEF), came onto Local Dirt to talk with us about appropriate technology (AT) in transportation, farming and more. Bryan also talked about how AT was incorporated into the 2008 Whole Earth Festival and how to apply AT to our lives. Interviewed in May of 2008.

Agriculture, Life Cycle Assessment and Appropriate Technology at UC Davis. Elisabetta Lambertini, a PhD candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Davis, specializes in environmental biotechnology, environmental stressors in populations, gene transfer and regulation in microbes. Elisabetta discusses how appropriate technology can be applied to agriculture, life cycle assessment and more. Interviewed in May 2009.

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Pets Pollute More than Cars (Tree Hugger)

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Trees and Cool Cuisine

Natalie and Dani are enjoying their winter break, so instead doing a live show, we bring you interviews from this time last year, one on Christmas trees and the other on a book called Cool Cuisine.

Christmas Trees. Lynn Wunderlich, Farm Advisor for UC Cooperative Extension in El Dorado and Amador Counties researches pest-resistant Christmas trees. She discusses the basics of growing and controlling pests in Christmas trees. Lynn mentions that consumers can support sustainability and reduce waste by buying from a local Christmas tree farm rather than a tree lot. Recorded winter 2008.

Cool Cuisine. Author Laura Stec came on to talk about her book, Cool Cuisine, which was released back in spring of 2008. In the book, Cool Cuisine, Laura delves into the issues that connect diet and climate change. Instead of the 'global warming diet' that many Americans are on, Laura provides a cleaner, healhier and greener way to eat in Cool Cuisine. On Local Dirt, Laura discusses the research and science behind her book, some of the culinary tips included to master a cleaner, greener diet, and more. Recorded winter 2009.

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For comprehensive, on-site coverage of the Copenhagen talks and climate justice, check out Democracy NOW!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

California Center for Cooperative Development and NorCal Enviro. Justice

Cooperatives. Luis Sierra, past Local Dirt co-host, is the Food and Agriculture Cooperative Development Specialist for the California Center for Cooperative Development. Luis discussed cooperatives in the area, how the CCCD has helped to support development of California cooperatives, and how cooperatives have touched his life.

Environmental Justice in NorCal. As the Copenhagen climate talks begin, people around the world are working to draw attention to global warming causes close to home. At the Chevron headquarters in San Ramon, CA, 31 were arrested on Monday in one such action. Nile Malloy, Northern California Program Director for Communities for a Better Environment, explains some of the environmental and climate justice problems affecting Northern California communities. We focus on Contra Costa and San Francisco, discussing Chevron's Richmond oil refinery and activism to make it less dangerous. (Photo courtesy of Global Community Monitor)

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We didn't read any news on the show, but if you'd like to learn more about climate justice, check out this cool coverage.
- Democracy NOW!. Amy Goodman and crew will broadcast from Copenhagen for the next two weeks, bringing many voices on climate change policy. In the Davis area, you can hear their daily broadcast on KDVS 90.3 on weekdays from 12-1pm, on KDRT 95.7 from 9-10am (yesterday's broadcast), and online.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Climate Justice and Olive to Bottle Milling Event

Climate Justice. Anne Petermann, Executive Director of the Global Justice Ecology Project, explains why climate change is an environmental justice problem, and why we need more comprehensive, inclusive solutions than we can expect from the upcoming climate change summit in Copenhagen. Her organization facilitates New Voices on Climate Change, amplifying unheard ideas. To learn more about climate justice, check out Mobilization for Climate Justice, whose website links to related organizations.

Olive to Bottle Mobile Milling Event at UC Davis. The UC Davis Olive Center hosted the Olive to Bottle Mobile Milling Service at UC Davis on Tuesday, December 1st. The event took place off of Hutchinson road in the olive orchards. At the event, Local Dirt interviewed Andy Robinson of Prospero Equipment Corporation, David Garcia-Aguire from Olive to Bottle, Nicole Sturzenberger from the UC Davis Olive Center, Kevin Rogers from Olive to Bottle, and Harben Taber and Jean Chevalier of Taber Ranch. The audio portion also features Dan Flynn from the UC Davis Olive Center. Olive Press is the mill that Taber Ranch currently uses to mill olives; Mike Madison's ranch is the mill the UC Davis Olive Center will be using to mill olives for the '09 harvest.

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- The Davis Feminist Film Festival is seeking film submissions. For more info, click here.

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The Enorosi Oliomatic 700 in action - the brown tube is the olive
paste, the spicket on the left is dispensing the fresh-pressed olive oil

Mark Robinson - Owner/Operator of Olive to Bottle
Dan Flynn - Director of the UC Davis Olive Cener

- Olive Art -
Kevin Rogers - Master Miller, Olive to Bottle

UC Davis Olives - ready to be pressed by the mobile milling service